Who We Are


We provide support, advice, expertise, custom builds and installs to customers who want to modify their vehicle with original, after-market and custom parts. We are a trusted automotive custom provider, knowledgeable in our field of expertise

We believe people have a right to fully custom their vehicle within the specifications of the law, and we are there to fulfill that right.

We are a 100% customer centric business, and our goal is to ensure that our customers have that "EXPERIENCE" they are looking for when they allow us to work on their vehicle. We stand by our Motto "Customizin' To Your Likin'.

With over 35 years of combined management and technical expertise in the industry we have paved a path ahead of the competitors.

Our Customers TRUST us with their most prized possession, and we continue to renew their trust in us with the excellent care and service we provide. 


Our Mission is to enable auto-enthusiasts to live their dreams through customizing. By adopting a holistic customer centric approach, we are able to maintain our profitability as a viable and sustainable custom business, carving a niche for our shareholders in a socially responsible way.


Our Vision is to create a safe space and industry where auto enthusiasts have the right to showcase their fully custom rides with pride, free from encumbrances and for each participant to be respected and valued

Our Record

Our record of consistency stands above the rest in the industry. We utilise our core values of HONESTY, INTEGRITY, and SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY to lead our business. Our uncompromising ethics instils confidence and trust in our customers. Our use of advanced technologies allows us to carry on an efficient, effective, paperless business. We are able to respond quickly to our customer needs and we can provide the most relevant financial and cost saving perspectives to our customers.

  • Cost effective solutions for all of your automotive needs
  • Systems, Processes specialists
  • Custom Auto experts
  • Performance Parts sales experts

Our customers choose us over and over again. The majority of our business comes from Repeat Customers, Referrals and Affiliates. TRUST is paramount in our business, once our customers TRUST us with their prized possessions we are able to custom and pay attention to each vehicle and its owner's individual need. 

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