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I got called today around 12pm saying they're done waiting for pick up! I picked them up, they're all cleaned up, coils all turn freely now compared to before. Everything looks nice,preload is adjusted properly and its all good to go. Just waiting to put them on probably next weekend. Very happy with how quickly it got done."  http://www.jdmrides.ca/forum/coilover-rebuild-droptec-suggestions-options-t109573p3.html

Lowering car droptec! 
"hey guys, have any of you heard about DROPTEC in mississauga, i guess its a shop that lowers your car on your stock struts and springs for only 400, and i drove in one of their cars and the ride quality is great, stiff and not bouncy."

DropTec doing an audio install, video taken with black berry, bit shaky and distorted  

"Droptec venturing into the Eurogame"  http://www.stanceiseverything.com/2013/07/event-coverage-euronited-2013/   

DROPTEC CAR SHOW 2013 http://ietvcanada.ca/droptec-car-show-2013/

Excellent Service, there is no other shop that can " Custom a Stock Suspension to my liking" 

Its amazing how they do it, i roll in with my stock suspension, no coil overs or brand name suspension needed to purchased, and they lowered my car to almost ground level... what more can I ask for.. I was very pleased with the outcome. I would recommend thsi shp to anyone. Prices are very reasonable.”   http://www.gigpark.com/businesses/dropteccustomride

Droptec Car Show & Shine Brampton July 21 2013-Part 1 

Droptec Car Show & Shine Brampton July 21 2013-Part 4   

show was fun, nice turnout, great food...."http://www.ontariozcar.com/forum/archive/index.php?t-1480.html

WAS...interesting, different than what I was used to. for anyone into car audio, was kinda cool, but lotsa import kids although a variety of cars were there..no cops  

Droptec 2nd Annual Carshow April 17th 2011 (3) - da real picture ... http://www.smileyshottpicz.com/droptec-2nd-annual-carshow-april-17th-2011-3.html

Using the facilities at Droptec Suspensions, the car is measured exactly 1.437 inches from the ground to the cross-member













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